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Studio Dot

Architecture / Interiors / Planning


Studio Dot is an architectural practice . The name was inspired by our eldest daughter, Dot. We live and work in the Hunter NSW. We believe that architecture and the built environment leaves a lasting impact not only on the fabric of the streetscape or vernacular, but on the environment, and we are always striving to implement a more considered and thoughtful approach to design and construction. We are mindful that what we create can impact the way we live and has a lasting impact on the landscape. We value the human connection to place and space. Architecture is about people. We value quality and believe that often, less is more. We believe that space should be used efficiently. We examine each site individually and endeavour to respond to the environment and context in a considered manner. We have experience in working with heritage items, within heritage conservation areas, in urban design, medium and high density apartment design, commercial office building design and residential design. We believe that architecture can change the way we live and the way we live can change architecture. Our practice is inspired by family.

Steele Olney, Registered Architect, ARBN 8641.